Syndex, fostering social dialogue in Europe for over 20 years

The experts of Syndex Europe & International are company specialists who have been providing strategic, financial and social expertise in various sectors since the first European Works Council Directive.

Over 20 years of experience serving elected representatives of European works councils (EWC) has allowed Syndex to adapt to each of its members’ requests, regardless of the situation, problem or national language.

workers' representatives attending a formation at Syndex

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Our teams’ ambition is to show that it is still possible to provide useful support to European Works Council members and their trade unions today in:

  • negotiating or renegotiating better European works council agreements for effective social dialogue ;
  • analysing and anticipating the impact of national and cross-border economic, social and environmental changes ;
  • sustainably combining work and health throughout ones’ career ;
  • combining sectoral and territorial logistics for activities in the industrial and services sectors to promote the emergence of qualifications and jobs of tomorrow.

Our core business

Syndex participates in the construction of the EU law on the rights of employee representatives to be informed and consulted. All our services comply with professional confidentiality rules.

  • Assist European work councils in the information and consultation process.
  • Provide legal advice on the European and international law.
  • Cross-border comparative law studies.
  • Providing general and ad hoc training for European works council members.
  • Negotiation assistance to trade unions in conducting action studies and obtaining financing.
  • Provide support to European sectorial committees on social dialogue.

Our fields of service

Strategic, financial and social examination of multinational companies

Analysis of company financial communication policies

Job changes, comparing working conditions between sites of a multinational company

Examination of sectors and industrial policies, technology watch

Anticipation, restructuring, alternative solutions, site CVs ©, corporate social responsibility

Sustainable development, climate policies, environmental responsibility, energy policies

Wealth distribution, remuneration, purchasing power and standard of living, employee participation and saving

Professional discrimination, gender equality

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Syndex, an international group that specializes in social dialogue

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Program of Syndex European training courses

Programme of Syndex European training courses

Programme available in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian

EWC toolkit

A toolkit for EWCs

Don't know yet how to start an EWC in your organization ? Download our toolkit ! Available in French, English, German, and Spanish

Programme of Syndex european training courses

Programme of Syndex european training courses

We provide training courses for various fields of action for EWCs. Discover them all in our catalogue. Available in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian

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